In 2008 our founder, John Kasongo, and his family arrived in the United States as refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). They have since experienced a land of opportunity and remain deeply grateful to have settled in the United States. Having lived under difficult circumstances in the DRC, the Kasongo family pledged to remember their fellow Congolese who continue to struggle and live in poverty.

In 2012 John returned to the DRC and started a family tradition of giving back through volunteering and providing direct support. The Kasongo family has helped children living in poverty by providing access to education, health care, clothing, and food. Their inaugural efforts directly supported 5 children, and as of 2017 the family is proud that they’ve now impacted the lives of 64 children in the DRC.

In 2017 the John Kasongo Foundation was formed to continue and expand the family’s charitable work. Our dream will be realized when the Foundation becomes a global vehicle for direct change and support.